If you are making use of a licensed Kaspersky antivirus, a valid product key will surely be required to register your application with your PC. The users of this application required to verify and register this application in order to make it workable on a particular system or multiple computers.

But there comes a time when users are not able to find its product key that is required to activate complete functions. Sometimes, it happens users are not able to retrieve a code that is required to re-activate this application on your computer. So, we are here to describe you the process to recover your product key or you can also seek assistance from Kaspersky support team.

Find Product Key For Kaspersky

Step: 1 Login to your Kasperksy account

In order to recover your activation code you need to login to your Kaspersky application account and once you are logged in, you’ll find an option “License” at the upper right of your window and there you’ll be able to find a list of codes registered with your account.

Step: 2 Steps to get license key from another PC

If you wish to get a license key from any other PC then you need to login to this product’s main window and then click on lower sections of this opened window. The lab engines of this application can use same license key on the same PC where the main product is installed and activated for recovering this code.

Step: 3 Step to recover product key

Sometimes, it happens users may forget to note down its activation code and it creates an issue when a user tries to reinstall or re-registration of your application. So, in order to recover your product code login to this software account and go to “My Kaspersky” page and login to your account to find the code.

Connect with technical support team

In case, you come across any issue in doing so or you get failed to find your activation code. Then an ideal choice is to make a call at Kaspersky antivirus support number 1-844-888-3870. Technicians will help you in identifying in finding the code.

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